Novel Dynamic Time-slotted Binary Tree Anti-collision Algorithm for UHF RFID Systems

Quan Liu, Qi-jian Tang, Long Li, Juan Liu, Xi-Ping Xia, Jian Li


In view of many inquiry times and lower throughput rate of existing binary tree anti-collision algorithms in UHF RFID reader, a novel dynamic time-slotted binary tree anti-collision (DTSB) algorithm is proposed by combining ALOHA algorithm with binary tree algorithm, the stack and lock bit strategy. The simulation results show the proposed algorithm is more efficient in paging numbers, transmission delay and communications traffic, which significantly improves the communication rate between the reader and the tag. Furthermore, the throughput rate of the proposed algorithm achieves the best optimization. By introducing the proposed algorithm, the collision problem of single reader communication with multiple tags can be effectively solved in UHF RFID systems.


RFID; Binary tree anti-collision algorithm; Stack; Lock bit; Performance improvement

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