Integration of EM Radiation Modeling in Electronic Circuit Simulators

Bessem Zitouna, Mohamed Tlig, Walid Labiadh, Sassia Hedia, Jaleleddine Ben Hadj Slama


Abstract—In this paper, we present an elegant method to include the prediction of radiated disturbances in electronic circuit-type simulators that allows performing electromagnetic (EM) radiation studies in both time and frequency domain. Indeed, circuit simulators are generally used to simulate conducted emissions for EM interferences analysis. Then, co-simulation based on numerical method platforms have to be investigated in order to consider radiated emissions. In the present work, the aim is to present a forward complementary tool that helps considering EM Compatibility (EMC) constraints from an early design stage by considering and generating radiated field distributions. The proposed method has been implemented in VHDL-AMS language using a top-down design flow. Determination of EM field emitted from the studied structure has been carried out analytically using expressions of radiated magnetic field at the level of each trace of the circuit. This method has been validated by performance comparisons between simulation results and measurements above a rectangular current loop. In a perspective of predicting and reducing electromagnetic interferences, integration of the developed generic module in any development and simulation environment, is an efficient solution to build a combined platform for both conducted and radiated emissions at the same time.


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), electronics, circuit simulator, PCB, radiated field, VHDL-AMS.


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